PHI Programme

a public private partnership

Promoting innovation in the South African Fresh Fruit Industry, through the support of high-priority and high impact research and development

PHI - Post-Harvest Innovation

Renewable Energy

makes sense

Solar Electric (Photovoltaic or PV) systems are financially viable today and make you more independent from your utility supplier

Renewable Energy Makes Sense

Own Electricity

Greater independence

By installing your own electricity generating plant you increase your independence from the utility company. Not only will you be saving money (the system will pay for itself) but also improving your carbon footprint.

Own Electricity - enhance your independence

Financial Viability

Free Analysis

Register and do a free analysis to ascertain the financial viability of a PV generating system

Free Analysis


How do you compare?

When you enter the required data the analysis will include a benchmarking section, showing you where your company stands in comparison to the best practices in the industry

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